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Personal and professional development is increasingly rooted in our culture, where we all want to achieve our goals and objectives, but many times we are not mentally and emotionally prepared for it. For this reason, we need the right tools to achieve it, and in books and courses like ours, are that kind of tools we need to get ahead and progress the way we want. 

Colleges and universities are not prepared to provide us with this information, and we will always have to turn to the right people, and what better than to receive mentoring from people who have already achieved the success we long for? The courses are the best way to learn this information, obviously after reading the right books!

This career encompasses a large number of books from which we can extract invaluable information for our professional and personal growth. 

Books such as Principles: Life and Work by Ray Dalio is one of the samples of our new portfolio of careers in which you can remember, study and review this wonderful book that takes us through the life and work of this great author and businessman.

Soon we will be adding new courses to this career that you will surely want to take and finish!

This career is really awesome, I learned a lot putting my books into practice. Fun, simple and effective!

Maria Muszynska

Head of IT department

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