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The Mom Test

Rob Fitzpatrick

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4 Hours

Why Learn "The Mom Test" Book?

The Mom Test is a new and exciting book that helps us to talk to customers and learn if your business is a good idea. As Rob said "The truth is our goal and questions are our tools" we need to learn the fundamentals to acquire this skill to make correct questions and evaluate our potential idea. 

All of this is because almost all of us are making bad questions, we are making mistakes when we try to get feedback from our potential users. All of us knew about this phrase "should talk to customers" but according to the author "This advice is well-intentioned, but ultimately a bit unhelpful. It's like the popular kid advising his nerd friend to 'just to be cooler'. You still have to know to do it".

Take-Away Skills

You will put this book into practice following the exercises that Rob propose inside the book. You need to read the book first and then try our activities, quizzes, case studies and so on. If you read the book this is the best way to have a tool that remembers you all the key content and practical knowledge to apply it in your daily professional life. 



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Syllabus 16 Quizzes, 13 Lessons, 28 Exercises.
Total Score 1481
Time to Complete 4 Hours
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Learners 301

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