The Upstarts by Brad Stone

The Upstarts

A book by Brad Stone

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The Upstarts: How Uber, Airbnb, and the Killer Companies of the New Silicon Valley Are Changing the World, is a book full of stories and adventures about the creation of two of the most important startups of the moment: Uber and Airbnb. Brad Stone in this fascinating book takes us through a simple but very entertaining, enriching and educational narration about the way these two "Unicorns" have been created. If you are a fan of the success stories of this new generation of companies this course and this book is for you!

Navigating through each of the stories of the founders of both companies, it shows us in detail how the 3 co-founders of AirBnB and the two co-founders of Uber went through an immensity of challenges during their journey, how they struggled in difficult days, how they managed to make the best decisions, how they dealt with investors, employees and other stakeholders to get their projects off the ground and turn them into the mega-companies they are today.

Brad Stone has readers accustomed to literary writing combined with fictional writing but mixed with reality, which makes the book very easy and entertaining to read. It's a kind of book in which you don't want to stop, and you want to get to the end to know what conclusions are reached.

If you are a lover of drawing summaries, of highlighting passages of the book and extracting the best of it, you will find a lot of valuable information, that if it were delivered in a theoretical way would be very boring, but on this occasion the lessons are hidden within the stories of each of the characters and the narrations made by the author. 




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