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Video Challenge New

Earn up to 50 points with this challenge.

It's a kind of challenge where users will be able to follow a video of 3-5 minutes (max) where we explain some important concepts about the book. This video is the basis for answering the questions section.

Activity Challenge

You win from 50 to 100 points with this challenge.

In this challenge the user must write the correct answer following the instructions. You will have to answer challenging but enjoyable questions that will help you better understand the content of the book. Here between 1 to 3 fields will be enabled for you to write the correct answer.

Other Challenges

You win from 100 to 250 points with this challenge.

These are the challenges that generate more points and knowledge! Likewise we only have a few of them within the platform, but they will serve to challenge you yourself. Among them we have: Notes (you will write an answer in long format), Articles and Case Studies (related to the book and you will have to answer some questions related to them), Tasks, Personal Summaries and Conclusions.

Your answers

Downalod a PDF with your answers!

Once you have advanced in the course you will be able to access your answers. These answers can be viewed online or downloaded in PDF. This will help you to remember the knowledge gained during the course.

Weekly Challenges

You win from 2 to 20 points with this challenge.

Every week we create different challenges that allow you to be aware of the knowledge gained in the course and in the final quiz. These challenges are unique and different from the normal course. The weekly challenge explains some concept of the book in depth and then challenges you to answer the question of the week!

Question Challenge

Earn up to 100 points with this challenge.

The questions will help to reinforce key concepts, remember important topics for those who have already read the book. It will also help the user who has not read the book yet, to find arguments to buy it and read it in its entirety. Questions will be answered by selecting one or more options according to your knowledge or intuition.

Podcast Challenge New

You win from 50 to 100 points with this challenge.

It's one of our new challenges! Here you will hear short podcatst of max 2-3 minutes where we explain other important concepts. This will serve you to reinforce even more the understanding of the reading and of the knowledge that the author wants to transfer to us.

Final Quiz

You win from 2 to 20 points with this challenge.

The final quiz is the evaluation of what was learned during the course. It usually has between 10 and 20 questions, randomly ordered and each answer has its own score. It has a single or multiple selection format and the user will be able to access the correct answers.

Get Certificate

Get your personal certificate of completion!

Once you have advanced in the course more than 80% will be able to claim your certificate of completion! This will allow you to demonstrate your knowledge and commitment to your personal and professional growth.


Get the book summary!

You can access two different types of book summaries. You can view the abstract online and download it in PDF, or you can view the summaries in an attractive, easy-to-understand format in slides and download them in Power Point. With these summaries you will be able to take with you the most relevant information about the course.


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