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Choosing a North Star

Choosing a North Star
To hone your growth equation and narrow your focus, it’s best to choose one, key metric of ultimate success that all growth activity is geared toward. This is hugely helpful in keeping teams focused on the most productive use of their time and avoiding the wasting of resources that generally results from haphazard, scattershot approaches to growth experiments. 

Some in the growth community refer to this one key metric as the One Metric That Matters, while others call it the North Star. We prefer the latter because it emphasizes that this metric becomes a guiding light to keep the team’s eyes on the ultimate goal of the growth hacking process, rather than becoming too fixated on a short-term growth hack they’re overly enamored of; one that may be wonderfully clever, or even create a temporary illusory growth boost, but doesn't actually contribute to long-term sustainable growth.

The North Star should be the metric that most accurately captures the core value you create for your customers. To determine what is you must ask yourself: Which of the variables in your growth equation best represents the delivery of that must-have experience you identified for your product?

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