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Deflecting compliments

Deflecting compliments
Most of your meetings will end with a compliment. It feels good. They said they liked it!

Unfortunately, they’re almost certainly lying. Not necessarily intentionally. They might want to be supportive or to protect your feelings. Or your excitement might be rubbing off on them.

Even if they really do like it, that data is still worthless. For example, venture capitalists (professional judges of the future) are wrong far more than right. If even a VC’s opinion is probably wrong, what weight could that os some random guy’s possibly have?

With the exception of industry experts who have built very similar businesses, opinions are worthless. You want facts and commitments, not compliments. 

The best way to escape the misinformation of compliments is to avoid them completely by not mentioning your idea. If they happen anyway, you need to deflect the compliment and get on with the business of gathering facts and commitment.

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Today's Challenge

Having in mind that we need to avoid compliments, what’s the best way to do that? (multiple selection)

Score: 10pts


Asking for facts and compliments


Avoiding them completely by not mentioning your idea.


Asking for facts and commitments


Mentioning always your idea and the benefits of it

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