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How Long are Meetings?

How Long are Meetings?
Early conversations are very fast. The chats grow longer as you move from the early broad questions (“Is this a real problem?”) toward more specific product and industry issues (“Which other software do we have to integrate with to close the sale?”)

For example, it only takes 5 minutes (maximum) to learn whether a problem exists and is important. 

A bit further along, you’ll find yourself asking questions which are answered with long stories explaining their workflow, how they spend their time, and what else they’ve tried. You can usually get what you came for in 10-15 minutes, but people love telling stories about themselves, so you can keep this conversation going indefinitely if it’s valuable for you and fun for them. 

At the extreme end, learning the details of an industry takes an hour or more. Thankfully, those are easier conversations to facilitate since the other person (usually some sort of industry expert) can go into a monologue once you point them in the right direction. 

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How much time will you need to know if a problem exists and is important?

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10-15 minutes


5 Minutes (maximum)


More than 15 minutes

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