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Love Bad News

Love Bad News
One of the reasons we avoid important question is because asking them is scary. It can bring us the upsetting realisation that our favourite idea is fundamentally flawed. Or that the major client is never going to buy. Although it seems unfortunate, this we need to learn to love bad news. It’s solid learning and is getting us closer to the truth. 

If you’ve only got one shot, then bad news is bad news. If your bungee jump doesn’t work, that’s bad. If you’ve sunk your retirement savings into opening a cafe and it doesn’t work, that’s bad. If you hustle together $50k to start your business and spend all $50k on your first idea only to see it fail, that’s bad.

On the other hand, if you have $50k and spend $5k to learn you’re running down a dead end, that’s awesome. You can use the rest to find a viable path to your goal.

Similarly, if you have an exciting idea for a new product and go talk to a couple customers who don’t actually care about it, then that’s a great result. You just saved yourself however much time and money it would have cost to try building and selling it.

We go through the futile process of asking for opinions and fish for compliments because we crave approval. We want to believe that the support and sign-off of someone we respect means our venture will succeed. But really, that person’s opinion doesn’t matter. They have no idea if the business is going to work. Only the market knows.

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Because is scary


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