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Prepare your list of 3

Prepare your list of 3
Pre-plan the 3 most important things you want to learn from any given type of person (e.g. customers, investors, industry experts, key hires, etc). Update the list as your questions change.

Pre-planning your big questions makes it a lot easier to ask questions which pass The Mom Test and aren’t biasing. It also makes it easier to face the questions that hurt. When we go through an unplanned conversation, we tend to focus on trivial stuff that keeps the conversation comfortable. Instead, decide on the tough questions in a calm environment with your team.

Your 3 questions will be different for each type of person you’re talking to. If you have multiple types of customers or partners, have a list of each.

Don’t stress too much about choosing the “right” important questions. They will change. Just choose whatever seems murkiest or most important right now. Answer those will give you firmer footing and a better sense of direction for your next 3. 

Knowing your list allows you to take better advantage of serendipitous encounters. Instead of running into that dream customer and asking to exchange business cards so you can “grab a coffee” (exactly like everyone else), you can just pop off your most important question. And that goes a long way toward keeping it casual.

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What is the probably scenario that happens when you go to unplanned conversation with potential users/customers?

Score: 12pts


We tend to focus on the important stuff


We tend to focus on keeps the conversation comfortable


We tend to focus on trivial stuff that keeps the conversation comfortable


We tend to forget our 3 principal questions

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