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The Growth Meeting

The Growth Meeting
It’s useful to have a template for how that meeting should be conducted. We advise holding a growth meeting once a week, but some teams might want to hold them once every two weeks, depending on the time they can devote to the process. The goal of the meeting is to focus rigorously on the set of nominated ideas and agree on the plan for experimentation. It’s vital that this meeting not be used for brainstorming ideas; ideas should be brainstormed well before using the process described in the book. Teams may also want to hold additional brainstorming meetings, for example, perhaps once a month. 

The following is the protocol for running the meeting that GrowthHackers developed and that has proven highly effective. The growth team lead does a review of the activity from the prior week, including:
  • Look at the number of experiments successfully launched and compare it to the velocity goal of the team
  • Confer with the data  analyst to update all of the key metrics they’re following so that she can brief the team about them, perhaps distributing reports
  • Gather the data about any tests that were concluded
  • Conduct a high-level  assessment of the previous week’s activity and results
  • Compile this information and include it with the meeting agenda, which acts as a living document and is shared with the team beforehand.

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The Growth Meeting is used for:

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Brainstorming ideas using a process well described in the book.


To talk about the last week’s achievements and make conclusions about it.


To focus rigorously on the set of nominated ideas and agree on the plan for experimentation.

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