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The power of positive friction

The power of positive friction
One of the great ironies of improving activation is that not all friction is bad. Dumping people with no context or clue right into your product as fast as possible is not always optimal; sometimes you want to put some positive friction in their way. Creating positive friction is a delicate art of putting manageable, ideally engaging steps in the path of visitors that help them understand what the value is and get to the aha moment with greater predictability

Video Game developers have honed the practice to a level of perfection. They face a particular challenge in getting users hooked on new games because the rules of games must be introduced (after all, users will never get to the aha moment - the joy of playing- if they don’t know how to be successful in the game), and in many cases, the rules and the strategies for play are quite complicated. To solve the problem, developers drew on insights from psychological research to craft marvelously enticing introductions to game play.

Ones is a well-established principle of conditioning people to engage in behaviors by offering them rewards. The other is taking advantage of the enormous satisfaction people feel when they are in the brain state known as “flow”. 

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Today's Challenge

Does this lecture means that all companies needs to have positive friction and study customer behaviors or hire game developers to gamify the customer journey?

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Yes, because is the only way to establish commitment and engage our users from the first time


No, it’s not always necessary to have positive friction but it’s a good idea to try to engage in some way the users depending on the product that we are developing.

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