How to Read Business Books in 10 Simple Steps (Part I)

  • Dec 11, 2019
Business books are one of the best ways for business people to keep up with their careers, not only to be informed but to have practical and applicable knowledge in the real world. 

But do we know how to read this kind of book? Do we know how to extract the best information from business books? 

This guide on how to read and extract practical information from business books will help you find the best practices for effective reading and learning. 

Step 1: Select the right topic:

There are many business books, knowing how to choose the best is not an easy task. Marketing books, management books, or finance books. Which one do you want or need to read? 

Consider when you are in your job and ask yourself the following questions:
  • Am I having a problem with the way I manage people?
  • Am I having problems with my company's marketing?
  • Am I having problems closing sales?
  • Am I having trouble selling to big companies?
  • Am I not getting the results I want with digital marketing?
Depending on the problem, you should choose the business book that best fits this particular situation. 

If you choose a book that fits your current problem perfectly, you will find that book to be brilliant, enriching and enlightening. 

Step 2- Search the bestselling business books of the year. 

Once you've chosen the right topic, start by looking for bestselling business books or bestselling books according to the New York Times

This will give you a better idea about what your choice should be. However, don't discard books that haven't sold well, perhaps some of them will be better suited to your personal circumstances. 

These are some resources that you may find enriching to be aware of the best books in each topic:

A- Amazon new releases

Here in the left navigation menu, you can see each of the categories.

B- New York Times bestsellers: In this section, you can find the best business books

C- Other apps

These are innovative platforms you can use to keep up with new book releases: 

1- Here you can find books that will help you with your growth. 

2- It is a social network for book lovers.

3- It is an application for beta readers, where you can read the books even before their release.

Step 3- Explore the content and index of the book

The index is one of the best indicators of the content of the book. It gives you a mind map of what to expect. 

Give priority to practical books, those that have clear and sequential chapters, in which you can understand the goal to be achieved. 

This image is an example of a practical marketing book called Hacking Growth by Sean Ellis and Morgan Brown.

We can easily identify clear actionable points and very clear steps to follow. We can see in Part II of the book the main topics, which suggest clear actions to put into practice.

Step 4 - Analyze the reviews of the book: 

Once you have 3 candidates analyze the customer reviews (it is not recommended to read the editorial reviews because they will always be good reviews) and the number of ratings received by the book you want. Try to look for negative reviews, this will give you a better perspective. 

Step 5- Reading a business book as a business course

Once you have chosen and bought the best book(s), approach reading as if it were a course, where you take regular notes, where you make your own summaries and where you draw your own conclusions. 

Don't take this reading lightly, remember that this business book could help you to improve your professional career, it is like a course in the university that you don't want to take lightly, you must dedicate time and effort to it.

This is a good way to understand the difference between reading and learning

This reading continue in the next post...

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Daniel Morales is a Content Creator at Bookcademy.


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